Services Offered


Dear Emmanuela has helped men and women all over the United States and internationally to transform their love life.  She has coached individuals from various age groups, backgrounds and experience levels.  So, whether you are completely new to dating, already experienced in dating or somewhere in between, or in a committed relationship, Dear Emmanuela has a program for you



Coaching Programs

  • Private One on One Coaching

  • Coaching on Demand via text 

  • Dating and Relationship Assessments

  • Pre-Marital Assessment and Coaching

  • Marriage Assessment and Coaching

  • VIP Day - Customize blueprint to finding and attracting your soul mate.

  • Relationship Transformational Program

Workshops and Seminars

| ½ days| Full days  | Week Workshop | Virtual workshops|

  • Relationship building Workshop online or in-person.

  • Prepare for the right partner. You’ll know how to cultivate a long-lasting, loving relationship.

  • Learn essential relationship concepts that result in profound personal growth.

  • Learn how to develop a healthy relationship

  • How to identify patterns you’re susceptible to, patterns that have caused the end to your relationships in the past.

  • How to effectively communicate with your partner from a place of love, even in times of conflict.



Speaking Engagements

Keynote Topics Includes:

· What every woman needs to know before dating

· What women want

· Top 7 pillars of Relationship Building