is a Transformational Life Coach who is specialized in dating and relationships. She helps women identify and obtain the love that they desire. Emmanuela has been a student of love and relationships for over 15 years. Her passion is helping women create healthy lasting relationships. Emmanuela believes that it’s possible to have love that brings a smile to your face; genuine love is available to you if you want it.

Born in Haiti, Emmanuela Rodenberg eventually relocated to Birmingham, Alabama where she met the love of her life who is now her husband and the loving father of her two beautiful girls. After experiencing the dating scene first hand, Emmanuela figured out that her true calling was to help others to obtain what she had finally obtained, TRUE LOVE!

Emmanuela is a Certified Relationship and Dating Expert- as well as a Les Brown trained International Speaker with a degree in Psychology and Mass Communications. She is also an Amazon Bestselling author of the highly acclaimed book “How to Attract a Godly Husband”. Her book and relationship insights have helped countless individuals as well as couples navigate their way through relationship challenges and transcend them on a path to a relationship filled with love and happiness.

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