Hi, I’m Emmanuela!

I have over 15 years experience in dating and relationship coaching paired with formal education, I have a passion for helping others create their own happiness. I believe that true success and happiness in love can be obtained by anyone who understands that great relationships don’t just happen , they are created by individuals who knows and understands that there is a process to obtaining true lasting love.

Our Mission is to build stronger communities through stronger family units by teaching individuals how to build and maintain strong intimate personal relationships.


Everyone needs a little relationship help at some point in their lives. Whether you need a fresh start after a painful breakup or help knowing what to look for in a life partner, our relationship coaching will help set you on the right path.


Dear Emmanuela helps you to clearly define what you want and we work together to get you the relationship that you desire! We help women attract the right guy and build Godly relationships that are based on trust, love, and respect!



It is important that each married couple receives coaching that does not impede on quality family time. Emmanuela Rodenberg understands that sometimes coaching is needed outside of “traditional” hours

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“How to Attract a Godly Husband” is a must read! It has practical advice about how to approach relationships and offers its readers an opportunity to reflect upon their actions and adjust accordingly. Emmanuela is insightful about today’s dating scene and helps women to maneuver the pitfalls